Big Noses Can't Really Learn Chinese

Do you ever get the feeling that Chinese people think you can’t really learn to speak their language? There is a Chinese restaurant I have frequented in San Francisco for almost two years now. Each time I go in to get take out, I chat with the staff and laoban (boss) while waiting. They are […]

How to Foil an English Pirate

First encounter: Foreign National: 你好, 你叫什么名字? Chinese National: Waaaaa, you Chinese soooo good! F: 没有, 没学了多久. C:  Yes, so good. Where you learn? F: 我在北京待了差不多一年。。。 C: You must be very smart… Has this happened to you? If so, were you thinking: 如我中文那么好你为什么跟我说英文? (If my Chinese is so good, why the heck are you speaking to […]