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Chit-Chat Chinese author, Rachel Meyer, started learning Mandarin in high school over 20 years ago. She went on to major in Chinese at Smith College, after which she headed to Tunghai University in Taiwan to continue graduate work in Mandarin. Ms. Meyer has taught languages for over 20 years including Mandarin, English and Spanish. During a year interlude she also starred in 27 episodes of the mainland Chinese television show “Adventures in New York” (纽约奇遇记). In 1998 Ms. Meyer co-founded the foreign language school, ABC Language school, in New York City. In 2005 a branch was established in San Francisco and in 2009 another one in Washington D.C. Her schools have won many accolades including “Best Of NY” by New York Magazine. Ms. Meyer is active in the language-learning community running community-based language groups for Mandarin, Spanish, and French in San Francisco, with over 4,000 members in total. Ms. Meyer’s experience as a learner, teacher and school director give her a unique perspective on how to best “crack” the Mandarin nut and become a successful learner. In her free time Ms. Meyer enjoys improving her French, learning American Sign Language, salsa dancing, social networking and sharing her knowledge of Mandarin through her textbook and blog.

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  1. hello rachel
    My name is orna taub from israel.
    After reading about you I must say I was very impressed.
    I am a mandarin Chinese
    Enthusiast and I spend my time in this subject.in the last year I wrote a book,divided to two parts,for mandarin Chinese students,based on my own studying and insights.I would be extremely happy and honored if you could spend a bit of your time and take a look in my books (or one of them) and write your sincere review.
    I can send you the PDF files.
    Thank you very much
    Have a success in your valuable work
    Orna taub

  2. Hi Orna,
    I would be delighted to review your work. You may reach me directly at rachel@abclang.com. I look forward to receiving the files.
    Warm Regards,

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